Traveler's Tale

Cover of Traveler's Tale

Released: 1970


  • Glenn Quackenbush - Organ, Piano, Vocals
  • Scott Richardsonn - Vocals
  • Ray Goodman - Guitar
  • Al Wilmot - Bass, Vocals
  • E.G. Clawson - Drums, Vocals


  1. A New Crusader
  2. Street Without a Name
  3. Midnight Fever
  4. Never Before Now
  5. By Way of You
  6. Diana
  7. Across the Land of Light
  8. The Offering

    Bonus track on the CD:

  9. My Fortune's Coming True

The lineup for this third album did NOT include Gary Quackenbush. Therefore, this is my least favorite SRC album. I once heard that Gary was in California trying to start his own band at the time.